What better day to revamp my blog for healthy living than Earth Day! Most of you probably didn't even know I had a blog. Well, turns out, I kind of forgot I did! I started it over a year ago and just never seemed to be able to get in the flow of posting. Something would always come up and it would be sent to the end of that mile long list of things to do. Lately, I've been getting a lot of requests for recipes and questions regarding my book Wild Plate, healthy living, my favorite products, lifestyle choices, and traveling on a plant-based diet.

I recently moved from the Pacific Northwest to Nashville, TN and having a blast exploring my new home! This blog is created simply to share in my love of all things beautiful that bring me joy, random thoughts, and my experiences as an author and business owner doing my best to navigate through this oh so crazy world of being an entrepreneur. I'm always up for an adventure and spring is all about a fresh start right? Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the world of Wild Plate.

Xoxo Laurel