Although we gained an hour of sleep in the morning with daylight savings this weekend, I feel like I'm still playing catch up and getting into the groove of a new week. Here in Washington, its now beginning to get dark at 4:30pm and the days seem to slip into darkness before I can fully embrace the light.

I have been working around the clock on my kickstarter campaign, reaching out to fellow bloggers, publications, social media outlets and attending various local events within the community to spread the word. I can't believe I only have 18 days left of the campaign! I am currently 35% funded and still need $9,963 in order to send my recipe book into print. I have a ways to go but I'm staying positive and will continue to do everything I can to see this kickstarter campaign is successful and my first recipe book Wild Plate is able to go into print. Thank you to all that have checked out my page and supported my dream of completing this book. If you haven't had the chance to see my campaign here's the link

Now that it's cold and flu season, I'm taking lots of preventative measures and loading my body up with a variety of nutritionally dense foods as well as fresh green smoothies and juices to stay healthy and keep my immune system strong.

Today's recipe is an immune boosting juice with a sweet blend of organic carrots and juicy tangerines. Both are in season and at their peak, which means vibrant colors, strong flavors and extra amounts of vitamins and minerals. Both carrots and tangerines have vitamins A and C which are awesome for boosting immunity and a long list of other health benefits.

One of the advantages of juicing is it's quick, easy, nutritious and when consumed alone gives your digestive system a rest from breaking down food while still absorbing loads of nutrition. Your body will then be able to use all this extra energy for healing instead of digestion. I love juicing and try to do it every day. I will eventually do a whole post dedicated to juicing alone since there is so much information to share. In the meantime enjoy this in season brilliant orange cocktail and drink to health.

Makes 32 ounces (serves 4)

2 pounds organic carrots, tops removes, un-peeled
2 pounds organic tangerines, peeled

1. In juicer of choice add carrots and tangerines. Pour juice into pitcher and stir. Serve immediately