It's been along time since I've posted anything and thought, what better day to get back into blogging than February 1st.

The last few months have been a whirlwind between polishing up technical details with my recipe book, the holidays, and planning a book tour and food line. Due to all the organized chaos, I have found myself not making the time to prepare my usual daily green juices. I love juicing for many reasons, one being the amount of energy it provides me with and second, the boost it gives my immune system during the winter months when flu season is at its peak. I also notice when I'm juicing regularly my skin is clear and well hydrated, my nails get really strong and thick and it keeps my digestive system in prime working order.

To get back into the routine of making my tasty drinkable vitamins, I'll be posting a new juice recipe on my blog and instagram page for the next 28 days. If you need a little juicing inspiration yourself check back daily for a new delicious juicing recipe.



(makes 24 ounces)

4 cups mixed power greens including kale, chard and spinach
3 medium green apples
1 medium cucumber
1 lemon, peeled

1. In juicer of chose, juice all ingredients. Serve immediately.