It's Monday which can be the perfect day to press the reset button after a fun filled Super Bowl weekend. GO HAWKS!!! It's also day #3 of February's juice challenge.

Today, I woke up craving citrus. Perhaps my body was in need of an extra shot of vitamin C. Often times my juicing recipes are inspired by two different things:

1. What is my body craving?
2. What's in my fridge that I can juice or needs to be used PRONTO?

Of course, I usually try to use ingredients that are in season but I do like to throw in a little tropical explosion every now and then-well a lot actually!! I love using pineapples in my green juice recipes which I'll be sharing with you throughout the next few weeks. Enjoy today's recipe!


Ruby red mint juice
Makes 32 ounces

6 ruby red grapefruits
1/4 cup mint leaves, tightly packed

1. In preferred juicer, juice all ingredients. Pour over ice and serve immediately

Note: You can also juice the grapefruits in a citrus juicer. In this case divide mint into glasses and muddle to release mint fragrance and flavor. Top with ice and pour grapefruit juice into glasses.

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