It's day #4 of February's juice challenge and my body is now craving its daily fix of juiced fruits and veggies. Today's juicing star is vibrant, fresh winter beets.

So I have to admit, even though I chose beets today, I am not a huge fan. They taste like I'm eating a fork full of dirt. However, every year around this time I decide to give them another try.

Beets are incredibly healing and beneficial in many ways. They contain magnesium, fiber, iron, potassium, phosphorus and a host of other vitamins and minerals. Beets are known to be an aphrodisiac, purify and cleanse the blood, and are a great source of natural energy. I can't help but want to love these beautiful roots! So in order to incorporate them into my diet, I usually juice them. This way I can cover up some of that fabulous dirt flavor while getting all the healthy benefits. So cheers to beets baby!!


Beet Juice
Makes 24 ounces

4 carrots
2 large red beets, washed thoroughly
2 medium red apples
1-inch piece fresh ginger root

1. In juicer or choice, juice all ingredients. Serve immediately.

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