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Kale/Rainbow Chard/Sun-dried tomato

One of the many benefits of being a food photographer is that I get the pleasure of creating, testing, and most important, eating the recipes that I shoot! A few months ago, I began photographing for a wonderful artisan pasta company based out of Louisville, KY called Cavallo Nero Pasta. They are small batch, organic, non-gmo, vegan, and happen to make some of the best pasta I've ever had. Yes, their pasta does contain gluten but some things are worth breaking the rules for. If you are 100% gluten-free or celiac don't worry! The following is totally gluten-free and a great way to have the best of both worlds. One of the recipes I tested and shot for them was...

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Things have been very busy this month in the world of Wild Plate. I've been working around the clock on a large order of 950 of my vegan + raw candy bars "THE FIX". More info about that coming soon! From finding and setting up wholesale accounts, ordering the proper equipment, securing a commercial kitchen space in Louisvlle, KY, and making the bars, it hasn't left me much time to get crafty in the kitchen. Being surround by sweet treats and chocolate all day is not the worst thing in the world, but I have been craving anything and everything green to fuel up for these long 16 hour days of stirring, pressing, dipping, and wrapping. Last night I took...

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I love that Fall is here but I have to admit, I'm still holding onto a little piece of Summer. The golden autumn leaves of the Northwest covering my once mowed Kelly green grass is a sign of nature moving into hibernation mode and preparing for the gloomy, brisk winter months ahead. I am looking forward to the bounty of fresh root vegetables, squash and winter fruits that are now making an appearance in markets, yet I still long for local fresh picked herbs, fragrant heirloom tomatoes, berries and crisp summer veggies that packed my fridge with a rainbow of colors this Summer. To satisfy my appetite for both seasons, I decided to make this pesto recipe using raw pumpkin...

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